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Concerned regarding HIV and possible Ars symptoms.

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status 23 days ago. I found out after the encounter that she was an iv drug user and now am freaking out about possible exposure to HIV.

Just in the last couple days my throat has been feeling tight and my tonsils seem swollen. There's not much pain (maybe slight tenderness and my throat feels dry) but based on the timing I'm freaking. I also found a few small spots on my chest, but they could well have been there before. Not much of a fever. When I checked yesterday evening I was running 99.4 by ear, but it was back down in the 98s late morning today.

Are these symptoms typical for very early stage Ars?

Plan to get tested at 4 weeks when the test is 95% accurate but would like some input in the mean time.
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Your symptoms do not look like ARS, however do not focus on symptoms, they are confusing and misleading most of the time.

Since you had unprotected sex with someone of unknown health status, your risk is there which may not be significant but not Zero either.

The only way to rule out the possibility of the infection is the test. Suggest you to stay calm and go for 4th generation Duo (Antibody + Antigen) test after another 5 days. These tests are conclusive after 28 days. Collect your conclusive report and move on with your life. Next time, never ever unprotected with anyone outside your mutually committed long term monogamous relationship
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HIV is never ever diagnosed by symptoms.  Only by a test.  You've had a legitimate risk by having unprotected vaginal sex and will need to test.  Don't waste your time with testing early.  At 28 days post exposure, take the Duo 4th gen test (pretty much what Diver said, guess I'm being redundant).  
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