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Concerned with invisible symptoms

About 12 weeks ago from now, I'm male - and while I had been recovering from a cold for a week - I had an experience with a female sex worker. Had condom-lubricant protected oral with her putting her condom on me. Then had protected vaginal sex with the condom. After that, I'm fairly certain the condom did not break, slid it off and wet wipes were used. She provided me with my own. I didn't *** but she said did. After all that, I didn't feel quite right - like itchiness & sore throat for the day after. Felt some odd burning sensation and felt like I had 3 singular dot on my right leg. Felt itchy so I used calamine which helped, same for other leg/thigh. Had a teensy tiny cut that appeared on my lip from morning and disappeared in afternoon. Felt irritation here and there over time. Also had a month-long cough which went away now.

9 weeks earlier - I visited the doc / explained my situation - requested blood tests. 2 weeks after - Got tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and HIV serology. Then 3 weeks later, got actual results back and tested Negative for all, as it was explained 'Blood work all normal'. Admittedly, had been worried about both either herpes or HIV - as I also had a one strange under-skin lump under chin - it feels it has gotten smaller with time.

Even though I tested negative - I still continue to feel strange random sudden sharp pain/aches over body; which bothers me even when I don't think about it. Like neck, collar-bone, shoulder and legs. I had sore left wrist but that soreness went away. I feel somewhat a burning sensation in my left thigh right now as I'm laying down on my bed. It's like my muscle mildly feels like it's on fire. No idea how to explain this short pain. Most of it is feels like stabbing pain, and muscles on fire.

Groin area has been fine, good. No painful urination, not one single episode. I just feel pain come and go all over me right now.

1) Do I fit within the low-risk category? How low risk?

2) Is it possible to have a false negative on blood-test? How accurate is test for HIV?

3) Is the culprit most likely to be from anxiety and stress? Because no matter how hard I keep convincing myself 'I feel fine' - I can feel the pain, along with possible light sensitivity - not sure.

4) I'm considering another test at a later date just to be sure. Does it got to be exactly at 3 months? From time of sex act or from after the date and time of blood test?

5) Any recommendations to help alleviate the strange, sudden and stabbing general body pain? I use rubbing lotion to help with that.
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Protected oral and vaginal sex means no risk.no clear on "you didnt *** and she said did"

1.protected vaginal no risk plus protected oral sex means extra no risk.

2.Yes if you have high risk.
3.maybe better go to expert.but the more you stress the more 'symptoms' will appear
4.You can retest 3 month after the act
5.Ask the doctor.
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