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Conclusion of HIV testing on imunnosuppressive therapy

I had an unprotected sex with 2 girls ( not sex workers ) on the same night. I got one of them tested tomorrow. The test was HIV duo test and it came out negative. I had hiv 1/2 combi ag-ab test at 66 days after unprotected sex and then again at 80 days after unprotected sex. Both tests came back negative. 1) Is this conclusive? 2) can p24 and antibodies both be negative at the same time despite time that has passed? 3) is p24 start becoming negative ONLY when you start producing antibodies ( meaning antibodies solely result in p24 drop)? In other words if u don't produce antibodies ever p24 cannot drop and will remain positive for ever after first appearance, therefore you would have to test positive? 4) Can the production of p24 be delayed for 2-3 months 5) I am on imunnosuppressive therapy with 100mg azathioprine for 2 years, can this impact the production of antibodies, and can this affect the production of p24( even tho p24 has nothing to do with my immune system) Note: Im rarely sick, never had any symptoms. Had a sore throat 60 days after exposure and that lasted 36 hours. 6) is there a need for new test AT 3 months (90 days) ? I would gladly appreciate fast reply. It would ease my mental suffering greatly. I'm literally unable to think straight, i'm quite paranoid and cant wait any longer. Anxiety is literally killing me. Thank you, wish you all the best
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"I got one of them tested tomorrow. The test was HIV duo test and it came out negative"
Something is wrong with your tenses so can you rewrite to be clear?
Just list which tests you took after the experiences and which ones the girls took and time frames since their last unprotected exposure to testing. To simplify your response so you know where I am heading, a 4th gen test is conclusive after 28 days so if they did it is conclusive.

Your symptoms prove nothing because they can come from anyone who coughs on you,unless you lived in a bubble.
As I said I asked one of the girls to get tested the day after we had unprotected sex to check on her status. So she did the test and it was negative. However I did the test twice after having unprotected sex with her and her friend after 66 and 80 days. All the tests that were done are ELISA combine ag-ab tests. I really did not ask her when was the last time she had sex before having it with me. I would like to get an answer from a qualified doctor if possible on all of my questions. I believe they are pretty understandable. Thank you.
ELISA combined ag-ab test if not clear is 4th generation test ofcourse.
"I really did not ask her when was the last time she had sex before having it with me. " The issue is simple and understandable - If she had unprotected within 27 days of meeting you then her test can't prove she didn't have it when she met you.

The doctors left here years ago.
I understand you but that was not my question. I have no interest in her. Please read my question again. I am interested in me. I was the one that did the testing and I want opinion on my testing. How do you mean doctors left years ago ?
You posted her test but now tell me it is irrelevant to your concern.

Also you never clarified what this sentence with mixed up tenses means. "I got one of them tested tomorrow. "

I did want to get her tested to see what her result is. I got one of them tested tomorrow means i asked them to take the test to ease my mind. Hope this helps. Again please can anyone on this forum clarify my questions please. Thank you,
I got one of them tested tomorrow means that i asked her to take the test, so that i can be at peace. I have no clue what she did in that 28 day period. Hope this helps. Again can someone please answer all of my questions i would much appreciate it. I think they are very complex and very understandable and cover 99% of things that a man should know about 4th generation tests. Thank you,
Likely no one here has a pharmacology PhD to be qualified to answer your very specific questions about one med, although Vance here once replied to a post asking about this medication. He said there was no interference from that med in the testing procedure.

Wherever you got your test done and/or the manufacturer is the best source of information for such a technical question although if both can prove to you that they tested negative 28 days after meeting you (or after their last unprotected) then that is also a simple direct answer to all that this forum deals in - HIV prevention.
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