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Hi guys,

I need help, here's a timeline of events:

Exposure: Unprotected insertive oral with a Macau CSW.

1 week: took antibiotics due to fear of STD's.

2 weeks: anxiety over possible exposure leads to nausea, shivering

6th week: wife and kids sick week before with high fever and cough. Had light muscle and joint pain, felt that I was about to get fever, popped a pill for fever. Also had sore throat with occasional cough and stuffy nose. No rash or head ache. Took antibiotics for sore throat but no help. No fever, only feverish. Occasional nausea but probably due to anxiety. Swollen gum on the right side with dentist saying that it is due to top tooth aggravatig lower gum when I bite. Lymph node under the jaw swells.

7th week: no fever, no rash, sore throat was healing but still had slight discomfort. Swollen gum at the back of teeth still there with swollen lymph node. End of 7th week went to get tested. Test was a 4th generation Combo (architect) - negative

8th week: 5 red bumps that were "rash"like on the lower back. Got concerned. Not really sure if its classified as a rash if there are only 5 bumps. Lasted for 5 days because I put hydrocortisone on it on the 3rd day. Gums were still a bit swollen with lymph node swelling under jaw. Sore throat was ok, no pain. Stool is still semi-loose.

1. Does this look like Ars?

2. Do I have to get tested again?

3. Are swollen gums a sign of ARS? what about loose stools?

4. Am I worrying excessively?

Any comments will do!
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