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Conclusive Test?

I tested negative with Nat testing and HIV 1/2 antibody after 14, 28, 63, and 101 days.  I work for a tissue bank and sent my blood to their labs as a living donor.  They used a 3rd generation antibody test and the Procleix Hiv 1 NAT test.  Are these negative results conclusive after 101 days.  I know the window is three and some say six months, but wouldn't one have a positive nat test after three months even if they had not produced antibodies?
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I'm not sure why you are concerned but I can tell you with no equivocation whatsoever that you do not have HIV from your exposure (??) over 100 days ago.  You do not need further testing. You need to stop worrying, stop testing and move on.  EWH
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Sorry to intrude on your thread. You are NEGATIVE end of story move on with your life and enjoy. I am no Dr and I know it will mean more to you to here it from them but NEGATIVE is what you are buddy. Dont keep researching and reading different articles on HIV. It tends to add fuel to the fire which is not what you need accept your results.
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