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Condom Break And Pep

Few hours back I was engaged in a sex encounter where condom break for short walk of time .
I was with a CSW.
I asked her she told me she doesn't have any STD as she perform oral with condom ON.
Also she didn't do kissing and fingiring.
After that incident we move on but curiosity strike in both of us mind.
She asked me whether I wasejuclated inside and I asked her too about HIV .
Should Pep prescribed in this ?
What to do next I was hell terrified.
This was my first and last chance.
Is there any possibility of virus to strike ?
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No. You don't need PEP. Just test at 28 days with a IV Gen HIV test and move on. Your risk was negligible and the chances of your partner being HIV positive is low from what you have described.
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She share her medical report that was non reactive and performed on March 23 2019.
Any thing now sir ?
A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks window period, and any other after 12 weeks. If you find out and believe that she didn't have any unprotected during the window period then you don't need to test. Likely she is negative, otherwise why would she pay for condoms to protect herself from you? And if she was positive why would she care about your status?
I would probably test but wouldn't worry while waiting.
Intested for p24 after consulting docotor on the 3rd day that come non reactive and today i almost after 28 days inam going to habe 4yh gen. duo . I hope it will also come non reactive after the basic test.
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