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Condom Broke at the time of ejaculation ,Flatiron Position


Today  i  had  sex  with a  CSW , of  unknown HIV status , I am from India  & more than 90 % of  CSW  insist protected sex,
Coming  to  point  ,  I had unprotected oral sex ( Licking  her vagina)  &  then  she  laid  upside down & i was  on Her (Licking her back & giving thrust  ,)... i dont  know  whther i was inside her vagina  or  not  but  i ejaculated & the very same time condom broke , It was a matter of  hardly 4-5  seconds  when she  said  condom broke after ejaculation  & i immediately  went  to wash room & cleaned my penis with soap water ..i asked her whether i was inside her  to  which  she replied  NO, , she  said  i was between her  legs but not inside her vagina .I  dont know  what to do , i am scared of  taking any Prep medicines , also  i  am unsure  whether my penis was inside her or not..what should i  do , good thing about  these CSW is  they never allow  any customer without  condom ,but still little  scared ....dont  know  whther i was  even exposed  to risk  or not...just getting very worried....it was  a  flatIron position.....
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This doesn't sound like a risk to me since you don't know if you were penetrating at the time of the condom break and the timing of it all.  Definitely not worth PEP in my opinion (Pep is what someone takes after a high risk exposure (which this really doesn't qualify) and Prep is prophylactic medicine someone takes chronically to prevent HIV).  There is less than a 2 percent chance that HIV is transmitted with a single exposure.  And as you say, the CSW is careful.  So, try to relax.  
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Yup !  thanks  for  ur  comments!  I'll relax  , reason is   Even i am not  sure whether i penetrated  or  not, i  was trying  this  position  for  the  first  time  & as far  as i feel, i did not penetrate her, second thing, when she  said  it  broke , then i took out my penis immediately ,  and it was a matter of  hardly 3-4 secs in which even i penetrated her then hardly for 3-4 secs i was there....and immediately i took off the condom & washed with liquid  soap....Hmm.. dont wanna  put  a lot of pressure on mind!  let it  go!
thanks again for ur  answer !
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