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Condom Broke, was on PEP, after PEP fatigue etc is i am Servoconvertting?

Dear all,

You guys are doing excellent job, thanks

I had exposure due to condom broke with a girl of unknown status. I am in West africa, She is also from this region. After realizing the condom broken, i have changed the condom and came inside her. I took PEP at 18 hrs. During
Pep i had fatigue and diarea. But was managable. But after PEP i have experience seviour fatigue, little bit headech and abdominal pain gastric and Diarea. Now it is almost 3 weerk after pep regime, but situation is the same. Whole body fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and stools not normal.

Would like to Know whether i am servoconvering. The fatigue is unbareable...and stomach problem is kiling me. Feeling very much exshusted.... Please advise me...

During the pep, i did consum Magnesium and aluminium hydroxyde, which i read not to consume during
PEP. Also alcohole some time. ... Let me know what you this of me getting infected with virus. How much PEP is effective?
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PEP is very effective at preventing infection so you should expect a negative when you test.
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With PEP comes the side effects. Please continue working with the doctor that prescribed it.
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How about HIV? What are my chances Of getting this virus?
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