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Condom break leads to HIV transmission worry

I have protected sex with a female but the condom break im having symptoms for like a month and 3 weeks now im so scared right now
i test with 4 generation test at 28 days and other at 41 days and all came back negative do I need to worry about symptoms being related to the virus?and how accurate is the 4 generation?
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according to the expert doctors we rely on, a 4th gen duo test is conclusive at 28 days, and third gen at 12 weeks. I assume you knew that based off your old thread and being on the forum reading the HIV section. you do not need multiple threads for the same encounter.

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This was the last advice. "You are wasting your time studying your body, trying to work up an HIV theory, because doctors don't diagnose from symptoms. "
Here is an update to your previous thread about this.
Seek therapy because your anxiety is a bit of a mental illness at this point.  You don't have any medical training so it is unrealistic for you to have so much confidence in your ability to diagnose disease and unrealistic for you to have no confidence in the test that was designed by scientists. You need to discuss this with the therapist as well, instead of living your life in terror because the only thing that you believe presently is your own made up science fiction. Not sure why you keep asking questions here when your mind is already made up that you are the only person who knows anything about HIV.
Im not saying i know about hiv and or have medical experience you the only people  assuming that sir and im trying to understand cause im scared about my symptoms that i never have before. And plus why the cdc say test at 3 months that what my doctor told me so he crazy to AnxiousNoMore!!!
we already told you about symptoms not being used to diagnose HIV in your last thread too. the CDC is conservative, and your doctor is just going off what he knows, where our information comes from EXPERT doctors that study this and other sti's. not just a family doctor. you tested negative at 28 days with a 4th gen duo test, we also told you this is conclusive. whatever is wrong with you is not HIV related no matter how much you stress.
See a therapist because your anxiety is a bit of a mental illness and might even be HIV phobia. You are wasting your life suffering because of bad thinking so maybe a therapist can help. No one here can provide therapy that you need.
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You have conclusively tested negative at the right time frame and both your negative results affirm the same.

IV generation test (P24 Ag and AB test) taken at the 4th week is very reliable because if the body has not produced detectable amount of antibodies by that time and seroconverting the p24 (proteins) would be definelty be detected and if the antibody is produced Ab would be detected.

Let me elaborate,

a. If one has already seroconverted the 'Ab detection' of the test is active and still a  reliable result could be obtained (Usually,p24 ab could be detected from 5 - 14 days)

b. If the individual is seroconverting (it's rare at the 4th week,since the average time to seroconvert is 21 days) the 'Ag detection' of the test would be active and a reliable result could be still obtained

*  A duo test is meant for early detection of HIV, it's minimised the window period to 14 to 28 days after exposure

P24 antigen is a protein which is found in one's body (assuming the person's HIV infected) at about 14 to 32 days after the infection, after the above mentioned time period detectable amount of antibodies would aways be present in one's body and the P24 Ag would not show up any more hence a P24 Ag and Ab 1& 2 test is advised at the 28th day for early detection.

You do not need further testing.  I feel it's time for you to accept your result.
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