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Condom broke, Risk of HIV

Hello All,
I am a single heterosexual male. I had sex with a street prostitute in Las Vegas  two weeks ago. She was a young white female, may be around 23-26 age. She looked clean..not like a drug user.  I had  oral sex without condom. During vaginal intercourse ,I used condom and it condom broke. I probably penetrate her for almost a minute without the condom till I realized that it was broken. Her vagina was all wet, didn't look like normal.  I don't know her HIV status. I went to a government clinic and got PEP ( truvada-only) within 36 hrs. They tested me for all STD including HIV. I tested positive for Gonorrhea, I got it from her. I haven't  seen a doctor since then and  not  taking any medication for gonorrhea yet. I have mild sore throat, feeling little  chills sometimes and  negligible joint pains( joint pain--maybe just psychological ). Since she already transmitted gonorrhea and I have these symptoms , I am freaking out about getting HIV transmitted . My concerns are below :
1. Knowing her as a street prostitute in USA, what is the probability that she was HIV positive ?
2. As she had gonorrhea, how this impacts her being a HIV positive ?
3. Since this was the only one time potential exposure, what is the probability of getting HIV infected ?
4. Should I see a doctor and get medication for gonorrhea and should wait till I complete 28 days PEP medication?
5. How much PEP ( specifically Truvada only ) is effective protecting from HIV infection in my case?
6. Since she transmitted gonorrhea, does that mean HIV might have transmitted as well? ( I am not sure whether unprotected oral sex transmitted gonorrhea ?? )
7. Does HIV transfer through unprotected oral sex as well ?
8. As I already got gonorrhea from her, does it put me on more risk of getting HIV from this exposure ?
9. What type of test and after what time period ( at earliest) can give me a conclusive  result ?

I have lost peace of mind. I am not sure if these are symptoms or more  just my psychological thinking after going through many online resource on HIV.  I am so much worried and can't keep myself concentrate with work or anything. I am taking truvada- one daily and will do a HIV test after its 28 days dose completion. Please help me, give me some thoughtful suggestions, share your experience and expertise.  
Thank you in advance!!
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please rely on Dr.Hunter's answer

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Risk is small. Odds are in your favor. Less than 5% of csw have hiv and even if she did chances of transmission are about 1/2000. Slightly higher because of the gonorrhea but not enough to worry about.
Stay on the PEP just for good measure and follows docs orders. It's gonna be tough on your mind while you wait it out but it's highly unlikely you're infected.
Good luck...
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Thanks guys for the comment. Yeah, I am worried because she gave me Gonorrhea. Today is the last day of PEP regiment. As per PEP advisor, I am going to do full STD test tomorrow. I shared  this incident with two of my close  friends, none of them seems to be understanding my mental pain that I am going through. :(  I experienced the change in my GP behavior when I went to her for Gonorrhea treatment. They were behaving like I am already infected. People need to change their view about HIV and the HIV-patient. Special thanks to butterflystomach :) . Do you guys know if there is window period for other STDs ? Is there possibility that I might test positive for any other STDs ?
Thanks !!
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