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Condom broke 5 minutes before I noticed - Girl has HIV/AIDS 8 years

Hi guys,
I hope that I am on the right forum.
Please help!!!
I always put 2 condoms: for vaginal sex AND for felacio (oral sex). I never kiss girls.
Since last night I have a nightmare. I am in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Last night I had protected sex with a prostitute. At 22:00 (10:00 PM). I always put 2 (two) condoms. 30-years practice. However, during sexual intercourse I noticed some stange feeling while I was inside her vagina - but continued 5 minutes until I ejaculated. Then I went out and was shocked to notice that BOTH my condoms broke (exploded; broken apart; good condoms - "Romed" from Holland, Europe). In girl's room was only cold water. I washed penis with shampoo and cold water.
Then girl told me that she got sick of HIV/AIDS eight (8) years ago and that she is still alive and taking medicines. (Girl never looked to me as sick: she has nice body and face, vital and strong, looks very healthy).
Then I rushed to my hotel room. Trip duration half hour. Then in my room I washed it with hot water + soap, and then I put several disinfectants on my penis (tea tree oil, oregano oil, echinacea) and then a new condom over it to keep all there for my penis to absorb). Then I spent a sleepless night alone in my room. Early morning I visited Clinic. They took my blood test only as a ground zero (for later comparisons). Then doctor prescribed me Zilarvir (2 tablets a day) and Efavirenz (1 tablet a day) to take them one (1) month. The medicines arrived at 15:00 (3:00 PM) and I took both - 17 hours after the incident and high risk exposure.
Doctor told me to come after one month when they will take a new blood test and follow-up. Next test would be 6 weeks - 8 weeks from today, and then one blood test after 6 months and then one blood test after 18 months.
I am scared and freaked out. I do not know what to do. Doctors, please help and advice. I panic!!!
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having sex with someone who is hiv positive does NOT mean automatic infection.

your doctor is WRONG about testing.  you need to test 3 MONTHS after your finish your meds for a CONCLUSIVE result.
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