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Condom broke on HIV positive sex worker

on 20th March 2008.. i had sex with a prostitute in Jakarta... she performed unprotected oral sex on me and i kissed her with tongue and all... we proceded to have protected sex for about 15 mnts.. after i ejaculated and pulled out.. i noticed my condom has broken apart alltogether leaving no protection at all... i went straight to the bathroom and wash any fluid off and took a pee.. the condom might have broken since i last change position ..which was about 3-4 minutes inside her...

i was so anxious that couple of weeks later.. i had the prostitute tested for HIV and she turned out to be positive for HIV...

needless to say..my life have been hell since that time..

since possible exposure..i ahd a fever 3 days after exposure which lasted for 2 days ... i had minor rashes on my arm which went away after a week.. dirrhea... went a way after a week too..

i went for blood test/ELISA at a major private hospital in Malaysia on 21st May 2008.. which was approximately 60days or 8.5 wks since the possible exposure.. the test only took slightly more than 1 hr... and i tested negative for HIV

on 9.5 weeks.. i suddenly developed gross hematuria which lasted for two days.. went to see a urinologist who tested my urine and confirmed there were blood in urine but NO bacteria present and prescribed ciprobay... and since 3 days ago.. i have developed stiff neck.. i dont know wether its swollen lymph nodes.. as i cant feel any bumps on my neck but its been steadily sore since 3 days ago and never went away..

btw.. i am on allopurinol for treatment of my gout too...

my question is.. i am a mess right now and need to know what are ur opinions on my chances here..

8.5 wks elisa test which took place in a lab at the hospital reliable?.. but it only took slightly more than an hour.. what kind of elisa test are those.. ? and the hematuria.. i never had it before..this is the first time..

please help me doctor...

sleepless in Malaysia
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I have no idea what tests they use in Malaysia, sounds like some sort of a rapid test.  Anyway, I would be very surprised if you tested positive for HIV, that is very unlikely now.  Your stiff neck could be a side effect of cipro, and hematuria does not suggest HIV at all.  It suggests some sort of a kidney problem.
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A neg result at almost 9 weeks is pretty reassuring....but of course you'll need to test at 12 weeks for a conclusive answer.

I'm sure it was scary....but the chances you got infected aren't as high as you may think...and I agree that the urinary issues are prolly completely isolated.

Good luck!
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I am sorry to say, but that is a very scary situation.

I wish you the best of luck and I pray you will not be infected.
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i am going for my 3 months test tomorrow.. wish me luck...

how conclusive will it be?
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Good luck. You will be negative.
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Hey man,
Wish you all the luck in this world. Got your results?
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Wish you all the best.
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juz got my results.. it was negative(Elisa) at 13 wks... u cannot imagine the relief.. no words can describe it.. the doctor told me that i'm not out of the woods yet as theres still a minute(1%) chance i might still contract HIV.. and that only with 6mnths test can i really close the chapter.. but hey.. i'll take the odds..

btw to get an Elisa test here in Malaysia.. all the major labs ie Gribbles,Linklabs, Pathlabs charges roughly aroung USD 7.00...

This whole forum really helped me a lot during my 3mnths of hell... for that.. i owe all you guys my utmost gratitude..

may we lead a healthier lives and help everyone around us...

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Awesome news mate! Wish you a great health. :)
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tks man.. really feels like a 2nd chance in life.. abstinence is what i live by nowadays..

btw.. the gross hematuria was unrelated to HIV.. u guys were right.. did a CT scan and discovered stones in my kidney...

had them laser blasted 2 days ago.. took about 1.5 hrs on the laser machine...

i hope what i went through would help many people in the forum...

tks again..

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Really great news mate!
Having the same situation and waiting for my result now. this gave me a lot of hope and strenght! thanks mate
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