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Condom broke quit worried.....what are my chance?

I am in west Africa, country call Bissau. I am Indian. One month back in one party my local Bissau friend introduced me to his wife younger sister. We exchanged our phone no. In almost 3 week back she visited my place we had couple of drinks and end up with protected sex. the condom was intact. We kissed noticed she had infected gums.

2 weeks before we again had sex in my place after couple of drinks. We changed couple of position, later on with lack of lubrication the condom broked. I believe the exposure was less than a minute. I removed the broken condom and with new condom I can in her. Later on I have shown her the broken condom. She reacted with smile. No major worried was seen on her face. She looks like easy going with boys. She said many guys want to go with her and she is fun loving.

Later on I realised that I meet with a risk. Next day afternoon I visited local hospital and explain to doctor and request him to put me on PEP. He took the blood test, obvious result came negative and given me the PEP medicine. Since last two week I am taking these medicine regularly. I begin my medicine after 15 hrs of exposure. Now I started having itching feeling in my pennis, feel like Urine. Fatigue, not able to concentrante in my work.

Quite worried, since that episode couldn't sleep well. Worried whether I am infected with HIV. I have family back home. Since my marriage of almost 10 years I never had any external relations. This was first after marriage.

Very much worried about getting infected with HIV. If so whether this PEP medicine will help me to come out of this virus.

I can't ask her to get her tested as it might creat problem.

Very much worried, please I am sicking your advise. Please help me.... What are my chances?
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You had a risk from the condom break, however, it was a lower level one.  PEP would not usually be recommended in your situation.  But, it
's just more assurance that you will test negative.

Take an antibody test 6-8 weeks after your last dose of PEP, then at 3 months to comply with federal standards.
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Thanks appreciate your quick response,

You  mentioned that i had a risk due To condom break, but you also mentioned that the
PEP is not recommened in my situation. Why? Can you Please elobrate. Whether PEP is not effective in my situation?

Quite worried....
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PEP is effective. You just did not have a high enough risk where PEP would be prescribed
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Thanks, god bless u bro

I read that PEP is not 100% effective, why is that? What could be the reason. ...

After taking this PEP, in my situation what are the chances Of getting infected?

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I expect you to come out of this okay.  PEP is very effective when given within 72 hours.  The earlier the better.

If I had to guess, you will not become positive over this.  You did not have a significant risk by any means.
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Thanks bro

I appreciate...god bless
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Sorry... But Just was re thinking on your post, you too are not sure that i Will come out clean. As i mentioned i am on PEP, you still suspect?

Quite worried...All this thinking killing me... Please bro advise....thanks
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Have you showered recently?  Cause that will determine if you are clean or not.

Again, I do not expect you to seroconvert over this episode.
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Thanks bro ... God bless
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can u let me know ? how ended your conclusive result ?
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