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Condom broke

My condom broke when i have sex with csw.I dont know when it broke,should i go for pep,im really anxious and scared right now
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Oral, anal or vaginal?
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Vaginal sex
Who supplied the condom, and did she require that you use it?
Yes,she provide the condom
She is likely neg then, otherwise she wouldn't waste money on condoms. If negative, then she won't get hiv using condoms except in the rare time they break so that seems pretty low because I imagine she would test after if that happened any other time.
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Its me again, today i come here to update my status, after a month of pep, i take an ab/ag test 7 weeks after my last dose of pep and the results come back negative.
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Good news!  You don't have HIV.

Just some advice: Now is a good time to think about the future, and consider that you should NOT visit prostitutes.  You keep visiting prostitutes, and then you run to our forums because you are always "so scared."  A few moments of pleasure should not ruin your mental health for days, weeks, or months afterward.
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When did this event happen?
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Just now
The decision of whether to take PEP or not is between you and your medical provider.  A one-time event like this is very low risk EVEN IF your partner was HIV+. and there's no reason to suspect that she is.

No matter what you decide to do, keep this risk in proportion - Your risk of getting HIV from a one-time vaginal encounter is 0.04%; in other words, a 99.96% chance of NOT getting HIV.  There is no reason to panic.
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