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Condom loose

Hi please,i need your advice
and Sorry for my bad english.

I had unprotected oral sex with CSW.
after that I began to have sex (vaginal) with her using a condom, but half way thru the intercourse I lost my erection and the condom is loose, so I pull my penis out from her with the condom only cover half of my penis (because i lost erection). Condom didnt break or leak.
My concern about HIV is there any chance of me infected?

Thank you
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Since the head of your penis (and thus, your urethra) was covered for the duration of intercourse, you did not have ANY risk for HIV.  As long as the head of your penis still has a condom over it, it does not matter if the condom slips.

There is no chance that you are infected with HIV, and you do not need a test.
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Thanks for your response.
It is still no risk, even i lost my erection? Is possible her vagina liquid enter the condom from bottom of the condom because the size of condom didnt fit anymore with my penis?
I already answered that question.  There is no "what if" that you could add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.  You did NOT get HIV from this event.
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You have over-tested. Your 12 weeks negative was conclusive.

Most people that over-test have issue with some anxiety disorder, your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV, it's easy to guess that your severe anxiety is the cause of it.

If you had an compromised immune system you would have been in a hospital instead of having the luxury of lying on your bed and typing on MedHelp.

We have already told you that you don't have HIV, please move along.
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Mike, you right about anxiety.
After my 12 weeks test, i try to move on. But my mind attack again and again. Until i get tested again at 20 weeks, i cant still kick out my anxiety from my mind.
Is possible my weight loss and reccurent oral ulcer caused by anxiety?
Absolutely possible. When you are depressed, it's obvious to have poor oral health due to dry mouth and lose health due to irregular eating habits.
Lose weight *
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