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Condom malfunctioned while sex with prostitute

I was a virgin guy in November 2021 but I had sexual intercourse with an escort who was new in this business. I kissed her and she gave me blow job but not full just on the tip of my penis. While having sex my condom malfunctioned and I replaced it within seconds. After 10 days of exposure I had sore throat and I fear of HIV. I get tested of western bloat test after 12 days of exposure. The test result came out negative. I was completely fit but again I got sore throat after 112 days and again I went for Western bloat but out of bad luck it came positive for HIV 1 and 2.
I was shocked as the result was unbelievable.
I went for 4 tridot tests and 2 western bloats and all of them were negative.(from reputed labs)
I went to the state of trauma as I am already patient of Hiatus hernia and OCD.
Sore throat and candidas went away but I encounter nerve issue my be because of Trauma or usage of methyle prednisole. I got injected with Methyl cobalamine after 134 days of exposure.
After it I just saw acne on my forehead, some black dots on penile shaft( went away after 2 weeks) and my anus was swolen and was burning.

My question is
1) Is this any kind of std or sti?
2) Can I consider myself HIV free?

I am going in depression. Please any Godly soul please help me.
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This is strictly the HIV forum so we only answer about that here. HIV is transmitted by having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. What you describe is not a risk. Air and saliva inactivate the HIV virus. No testing required. People do not get HIV from oral sex or kissing.  Check the std forum for risks of std's. But no risk for HIV
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hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them and you shouldn't either. You're just wasting your time keeping track of your sore throat etc. That proves nothing and you don't have any medical training anyway, so should see a doc about your health questions - if you actually have any health problems.
I would say that 6 negative tests proves you don't have hiv so you should move on. csw use condoms to protect themselves so she was probably negative anyway - otherwise why spend all that money each day?

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