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Condom quality

Hi.. I had a sex yesterday night with a sex worker in India by putting low quality condoms. So, I used 2 condoms. After had a sex, 15 mins later, I just wanted to ensure whether the condoms were teared or not. So, I have filled water in it and knotted one side, and waited for 4 hrs. And I found there were no leakage. Is this correct method that condoms I used were not teared. By the way, can I assume that I haven't affected hiv. Please help me.

Also, i had fungus infections on my balls. Is this a chance to bring hiv or health issued.

Thank you...
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Condom failures are catastrophic and too obvious to ignore. There is nothing like pinhole or crack in it. Your condom was intact and so was your protection.

Next time never use double condoms, it does not mean "double protection", in fact it increases the risk of failure due to mutual friction.

As long as your protection remains intact and does not fail, you are safe and not at any risk of HIV
Thank you doctor. One more doubt,

Incase if there is a pinhole or little bit crack in the condoms, whether this may lead to hiv transmission (if that person has hiv).

Please advise.
I said earlier, there is nothing like pinholes or cracks .... Please reread my response.
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