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Condom sex with CSW

Drunk - was propositioned outside bar downtown on way home. Lady offered me oral sex for $. I stupidly agreed. We had condom on - it was her condom, she put it on me.

After 30 seconds or so, I stupidly slid my condom covered penis into her vagina. About 10 seconds later I came to my senses, pulled out with condom. She took condom off me and I left.

Paranoid about:
1. What if condom had tear (I didn't see it at end to verify).
2. B/C lady was a professional, and working by a bar, I assume her risk of HIV is higher (Canada is location).
3. I am married. I worry about having sex with wife until I can be confident I won't give her anything.

For context - have been married for about a dozen yrs, and have never been unfaithful - never kissed, oral, vaginal, anal with any other person. I was very intoxicated resulting in my atypical behavior.This is my first risk experience.

Please let me know your thoughts. Should I get tested for HIV, STI?

Thanks so much
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Well you know what to do now regarding testing. But, the odds ARE in your favour. Your whole encounter ((penetration)) lasted 10 seconds. That itself is an advantage, and condoms are usually more likely to stay in tact than break, especially after 10 seconds. But, since you say you didn't see the condom, it means you MAY have had a risk and should take the necessary measures to protect your wife too, in the very UNLIKELY case you did contract something.

Take the tests at the right times and expect a negative. If this exposure was recent, post a question on the STD forum about the appropriate tests and timing for STDs.

Considering the type and brevity of your exposure, if your DUO at 4 weeks is negative, you shouldn't be at all worried, and there should be no problem in resuming unprotected intercourse with your wife.  
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Also is hiv test warranted as well as abstaining with regular partner?
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By checking the condom, do you mean you didn't examine it carefully, or do you mean you didn't even catch a glimpse ?
If you even caught a glimpse of it, you would've known for sure whether it was in tact or not, so even if you had seen the condom for a split second you would've known FOR SURE if there was a tear, as condom failure is VERY obvious.
If you didn't see the condom AT ALL in the end, then no one can say whether it broke or not, and therefore you would have to test.
((4 weeks post exposure with a DUO as an indication and an antibody test at 12 weeks post exposure for a conclusive result)).

Last but not least, the reason she gave you a condom was for her own protection, and this is an indication that she is probably HIV-, so, you have that to your advantage.
I mean, I literally didn't notice - was dark. When I chickened-out, she sort of just yanked the condom off, said "ok, see you" then walked away.

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