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Condom slipped off inside prostitute and I am on PEP now. Should I Stop PEP?

H I already read very similar questions about condom slipped off while having sex with a female sex worker of unknown HIV status.

However my case is slightly different. I am very concerned that my my urethra may have been completely unprotected while inside her vagina for perhaps several minutes and also during the motion of pulling out of her.

We were having sex with protection, me laying flat on my back she sitting op top me thrusting very hard, at one point I felt something weird (most likely the warm of her vagina across half my shaft but can't tell for sure as I was too excited) when she stood up I could perfectly saw my naked penis revealing itself without the condom emerging from her vagina, I have not ejaculated yet, she then pulled a wrinkled and compacted ball of latex from deep insider her vagina that's why I presume that the slipped off was not only on the way out but rather that at some point even during intercourse or on the way out my naked unprotected urethra was in direct contact with her vagina and internal fluids.

Immediately she performed very wet  unprotected oral sex with lots of saliva, I did not have the knowledge at that point that saliva may be significantly kill he HIV virus so I thought she was only comforting me. We carry on to have a lot of sex for several hours always with protection (sorry, she was gorgeous and very high end and I already had paid a lot of money for her services). I ejaculated three times and each one I successfully verified that the condom functioned properly at the time of "de-penetration" (don't know if that is a word but it should be)

Then I went home, looked online for information and got a little bit panicked. I got PEP from my nearest public health clinic and took my first dose at most 17 hours after the exposure. They go by the policy  that is better to "err on the side of caution" and since the exposure was with a sex worker they did not think it was unnecessary, but being a government clinic did not had the patience for me relay all the story with all the details I have relayed to you

At the time of this writing is my third day of PEP and I am concerned with a little bit potential unknown side effects both short-term and long-term. I've been feeling a little bit of chest pain and I have a history for high blood pressure and and recovered from myocarditis four years go

The female sex worker shared with me her most recent test results. she tested negative for HIV 80 days prior to the exposure, she was very confident that I have nothing to worry about, but to me such an outdated test hardly proves anything.

Furthermore an important detail for your risk assessment: all of this events took place in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Should I stop PEP or continue all the way?
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You had a risk for HIV, as you know.  Since her test was 80 days prior to your event, she could have caught HIV since then, though it is probably unlikely.  Someone who uses condoms and tests regularly probably doesn't take sexual risks.

The choice of whether to continue PEP or not is yours alone.  No one can make that decision for you.  If you are having side effects, you should talk to a doctor, because they could be serious, or they could be non-serious.  If you are not very concerned that the sex worker has HIV, then you may wish to stop taking PEP.
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Thank you for outlining it for me.. Assuming an hypothetical worst case scenario in which she was infectious at the time of the exposure, given the brief skin to skin contact what would you say are statistically my chances of getting it?
No one can give you exact odds, but unprotected vaginal sex is the lowest risk activity out of all the risks.  Odds are stated at approximately 0.04%.  In other words, that is a 99.96% chance that you would not get HIV.
Hello I have a news update. The girl agreed to do a retest  yesterday (10 days after the "contact") and the only test available for her was a  immunochromatographic rapid test collected via blood, finger poaching. The result was negative.  In your informed opinion (And I understand the caveats about you this not being a substitute for an actual doctor consultation clinical advise)  How reliable is that test?  How out of danger am I?
Thanks for your response
This isn't an event that should have caused you worry in the first place.  I noted the odds of getting HIV from this event in my last post to you, which are extremely slim.  She could still be in the window period, but it is unlikely.  Most people don't have HIV to begin with.
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