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Condom slipped off

Was having sex with a guy of unknown status, i was watching and after a thrust the condom disappeared. Immediately we stopped and removed it from me so it was in me for 6 seconds to 10 max, there was no semen but possible precum. How big of a risk for hiv was this? Im abit worried honestly
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Your account is extremely confusing, by the way.  Sometimes you seem to have a penis and other times you seem to have a vagina.  It's hard to determine what's going on if you switch it up like that.
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In this thread flumm is male.

but in this one female.

So I am wondering if this thread is a made up encounter.
Reading the history of posts on this account, the best advice I can give is that if you wish to continue engaging in moderate risk behaviors, you should have an open and honest conversation with your health care provider about the best way to protect yourselves from HIV.  This may include taking PrEP and/or regular testing for STDs.  STDs are, of course, curable, but HIV is not, so taking PrEP may be a good option if sexual partners are engaging in risky behavior.
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Did any unprotected penetration occur?
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No it was all protected until the condom came off
Then there was no exposure to HIV.  HIV never transfers from objects (like a condom) nor anything that might be dripping out of the condom.  
Well im almost positive there was precum in the condom
hiv can't crawl from inside a condom and into someone else's bloodstream to infect them. It's instantly dead outside the human body so without penetration it was dead virus. Time to move on.
Sorry I misread because I didn't scroll up high enough.  The hiv inside the condom can't infect you because there is no penetration when it came off, just pulled out so you should be safe. Was the open end hanging outside of you?
I already addressed the precum in the condom.  
No we had to dig in to grab it so it's no telling if it was or not
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