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Condom slipped

I had sex with a CSW, 3 days ago, i used a magnum condom which was intact until i ejaculated, because at the interval i applied lubricant was i knew it was intact till the end, after i had cum, i thrusted a few times and withdrew my penis from her vagina. It was at that point i noticed there was no condom on my penis, it was in her vagina with a part of the condom outside of her vagina, i now simply drew it out, the condom wasnt broken and my semen was inside the condom. i immediately washed up and now i am scared that i might have been exposed to HIV. Please what are the chances ?
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The condom sticking outside her vagina means the head of your penis was likely covered. That's all you need for protection from HIV. As long as the head of your penis was covered, you were safe.  
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hiv is instantly dead in air so even if there was hiv on your penis, in this case it would have been from the outside, so you would only be washing dead virus.
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So would that mean that i dont need PEP/testing ?
As you know whatever is dead can't come back to life. You should move on.
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