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Condom slips off during anal sex

So I had an encounter with a trans woman. I was the top. While I’m her I noticed it started to feel different so I pulled out and the condom had slipped off. It could’ve been maybe 5 seconds or less I was in her before I noticed. I instantly pulled out and went to urinate. Also I would like to add that there was blood present from penetration. I’m freaky out and is very concerned. This happened less than 24 hours ago and plan to go to the emergency room to see if they will treat me with PEP. My question is how much of a risk was present in my situation. I do not know her status.
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No one here can figure how long it was, but any unprotected anal is a risk. On the other hand, you don't always get hiv when the other person is positive. If she always uses a condom she will be negative. Did she supply or ask for the condom?
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You aren't likely AT ALL to get HIV from 5 seconds of unprotected penetration.

For full-on unprotected anal sex, the risk for the top is 0.11% if circumcised, and 0.62 if uncircumcised.  These numbers translate to a 99.89% and 99.38% chance of NOT getting HIV.  PEP would make the odds of getting HIV astronomical.

But again, I wouldn't freak out at all over 5 seconds of unprotected penetration.  
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