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Condom went inside escort a bit worried about STD

Hi there couple days ago i had a sex with an escort by appointment only i took a shower and she came back she wash my hands to make sure i'm clean than we started she put condom on my fellatio to give me oral sex and than she came on top of me than we did sideways when we did sideways the condom went inside her i pulled out and we put new condom on i think the condom went inside of her maby for 1-2 minute but at the end i came inside of  the new condom my question is what are my risk for catching hiv? when something like this happen do i need to go doctor or im safe? i have no history of STD i always put condom and check for STD every year they always come back negative im a bit worried that my condom went inside the escort what are my risks? thanku  
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just so making sure you understand me when the condom went inside of her i notice and i stop the intercourse she pull out the condom and we put the new condom and we start the intercourse again when we pull out the condom my penis was dry and there was no cuts or anything like that
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You have already asked this question many times in our STDs forum.  As long as the condom covered the head of your penis during penetration, and it came off when you pulled out of her, you were not at risk for HIV.

Since you have already been answered on the STDs forum, there is no reason to post there again.
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Yes, sorry i understand i post this question already maybe 3 times now so let me understand something when the condom goes inside it is always protecting head of my penis ?
If your urethra wasn't exposed you have nothing to worry about. Mostly, the condom slips only half way ensuring the tip of the penis being covered.

Only you could figure what was your case, if you feel you were unprotected for a moment, just take a test at 28 days with a duo and move on. It is unlikely that you would contract HIV from a brief exposure (if any).
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You should have felt if the condom slipped, and if you felt her warm that would meant that you were unprotected. if so, you have the test at 28 days, and at 45 days to confirm conclusive results, but if you didn't felt that you were without a condom inside of her,  then there's no risk.  
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i did felt the condom slipped and when i notice it i stopped the intercourse without any ejaculation and i told her she took the condom out of her vagina and she put on new condom for me than we continued the intercourse again at the end i finish the job with new condom
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People are telling you the facts.  Normally with a pull out situation where the condom stays in the female, the head is still covered.  That's still protection as only the head has to be.  

You are over worrying and it also has to be said that worst case scenario, a one time exposure is less than 2 percent chance of transmission.  

You wore a condom.  It didn't break.  It only slipped.  I'd move on.  
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thank you all with the information this site is really great and it has lots of great information about STD, Hiv ill move on with my life thank u all u guys are all truly people with great information!
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