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Condom went inside the vagina

Hi, recently I had sex with a csw. During the intercourse the condom ring slid inside her vagina. I informed her immediately and she was able to roll the ring back up to the base of my penis by putting her fingers in her vagina. Then I continued sex and finished in the condom.

I’ve read that it is fine as long as the penis head is covered regarding hiv. But in my case I am not sure if my head was covered since the ring of the condom went inside the vagina? Does the fact that she was able to roll the condom back up means that it was covered? Am I at risk for hiv? Can anyone help me thanks
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You don't seem to be at risk. From what you have mentioned, it can be clearly understood that your urethra was protected and that's what is needed to be away from an exposure.

Testing is not necessary. You were never exposed, please move on.
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Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention that I am uncircumcised (the foreskin can be pulled back when erected), does it affect your judgement?
Edit: Foreskin can also be pulled back when not erected.
Doesn't change anything. It's time for you to move on.
Thanks for your help! My anxiety has gone now!
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