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Condoms usage questions

Dear all,

I'm a sexually active insetive gay guy practicing condoms protected anal sex. Below are some of my situations about safety condom usage:

1) I top the guy about 20 minutes and I ejaculated inside him inside the condoms. Without removing out the condom,I continue top him for another 5 minutes to make him cum as well. Should I need to withdraw my penis just after I cum? Did the ejaculated semen weaken the condoms for my subsequent topping and was I safe from HIV infection?  

2) I stop the anal topping session without ejaculation and withdraw my penis from his anus. Condoms was taken out by him and he masturbated me then. I think there might be some his semen/anus blood did contact my shaft/tip penis and intruded inside my fresh invisible penis abrasion that just caused by the anal intercourse justnow. Could it be the case and was I safe from HIV infection?  

3) After anal intercourse, I withdraw penis from his anus but I didn't remove the condoms from my penis promptly. I walked to toilet and only I removed this out with tissue paper about 15 minutes then. I think there was some anus blood from receptive partner might get inside my urethral opening during that 15 minutes period. Again, was I safe from HIV infection?

4) The receptive partner sucked/oral my penis unprotected with saliva (or by worst even blood) onto my penis. Is it advisable that I wipe these fluid out with tissue paper before I roll on condoms to proceed with anal sex?

5) Extension from situation 4, is it safe that my penis was sucked unprotected just after I performed protected anal sex, penis removed from his anus and condoms was taken out ?

Sorry for my number of questions and thanks for your time!      
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Reread the replies you have already been given.
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Sorry teak, I can't get what you mean...

Have I received any reply from you all expert answerer so far?
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I have checked my previous post, but I didn't repeat posting the same questions here. These are some of the situations that I need to take note with so that I can more cautions next time.

Could anyone please give your opinion on it ...
Thanks for your precious time!
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You never had an exposure.
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Thanks Teak for your reply!

I would be safe from HIV as long as I'm using a condom during anal intercourse and the condom doesn't break regardless of any situations after the anal intercourse session?
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