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Confused About My HIV Status


I had anal sex encounter for 10 seconds with female sex worker from south africa in Dubai. I was wearing condom when i take out my penis i noticed almost 01 inch tear in my condom on top, however it was not fully broken. I have a doubt may b the through broken part of the condom my head can be exposed.
She told me that she dont have any infection.Next day she take tests for me for hepatitus B, C and Fouth generation HIV.Her all tests was negative and ok.

After 37 days of exposure i have taken my Fourth Generation HIV ELISA and Hapatitus B,C and syphilis test.All are negative.

I have no any specific symptoms after that exposure.But I am still having doubt that may b i have tested early then window period.and what if her test result is false negative and she have acquired infection recently.

Please help as i am in great stress and anxiety
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If your partner tested negative for HIV at the time of your encounter, you don't have anything to worry about.  If she had a transmissible level of HIV virus, she would have tested positive, so it's extremely unlikely she had HIV.

If you are not able to get over this, take a test at least 42 days after your encounter for peace of mind, but there is really no medical reason for you to test again.  You did not get HIV from this encounter, and your 37-day negative test proves this is the case.
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Thanks CurfewX for some relief

My major concern is that since the industry she works each and every exposure is full of risk.Might be possible she is in acute stage of infection and Test might not pick up the infection very early and show negative result and she also might not aware about that.As you already awared that at that stage the person is extremely infectious.

Secondly how much trust i can have on  my 37 days post exposure result.

I dont have courage now to have another test at 42 days as continous search on internet day and night have made  me mad.

The advice can't change no matter how much you worry. You reread the last paragraph of the advice - you are negative.
You should reread the last paragraph of the advice - you are negative.
Thanks a lot all of you for the support

One last question should i need to be worried about HIV 2  at this point or not
No.  Tests look for both HIV1 and HIV2.  It is time to move on from this event.
Thanks a lot and truly appreciate your all your support !!!
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