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Confused after reading about testing

Some articles and doctors say that getting tested with 4th gen test is conclusive on 28th day.
Some say two months and some say 12 weeks.

Which one is true?
If person has HIV, wouldn't p24 antigens show up after 3 weeks?

Also, everyone says different things about PCR test window period. Some articles say that getting tested using PCR in first few weeks will give false positive.

Can anyone clear that up for me?
My protection broke during vaginal with a sex worker about 14 days ago. What is the earliest thing I can do now?

Couldn't take pep because they don't give you prescription for it unless they are sure partner was positive.
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I understand you are nervous because you had a risk of broken condom.  You are overdoing the worry though. I believe the statistic has been given to you related to a single risk event like this.  I'll share it again so you can think about this.  LESS THAN ONE PERCENT CHANCE of transmission with a single condom break exposure.  So, that means there is greater than 99 percent chance of NO transmission, right?  Stay focused on that.  You've also been told here to take a duo test at 28 days or beyond as that test does not change. All tests are conclusive (every generation) at 12 weeks. But Duo is accurate at 28 days and the results do not change after that. I do believe you are slightly over reacting with your worry. Keep in mind, condom breaks happen but you were with a csw that USES condoms.  So, she protects herself.  She doesn't want to get HIV from clients like you.  Wait until 28 days and take a duo. You will almost certainly be negative.
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Thanks. Reading this somehow feels better.
If 4th gen combo test is conclusive why do they say 6 months and all these dates?  There are some edge cases?
They don't.  Experts agree that 4th generation duo tests do not change after 28 days.  There are NO hiv tests of any type that you wait 6 months to get a conclusive.  Even the most basic of tests are conclusive at 12 weeks.
That sounds great! Thank you. I'll wait another 14 days and on 28th day I'll 4gen test. Hopefully, it will be negative
remember the statistic!  The odds say you'll be negative!
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