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Confused with the facts given

Ive been reading quite so much the facts that given from experts here. Expecially anything coming from Teak, Nursegirl, Vance and Dr Hook as well. What makes me getting confused are sometimes Dr Hook claim that frottage is free risk. But in some of his reply, he did admit that there is a risk from doing frottage. Now i am getting more confused with this site.
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What was your exposure?
Im a gay guy. My exposure was unprotected giving oral with visible bleeding gum ended up with he ejaculate in my mouth. Im having gum diseases problem which get bleeding everytime i eat someting hard expecially fruits. My second exposure was frottage. He rubbed his penis on my anus and act like he was ******* me but actually no penetration involved. But my anal entry got cut that time. What was my risk?
Forgot to mention that now im experienced one swollen node on my left side neck. Along 27 years living, i never had swollen node. This is the very first time. Is this i can say a symptom of hiv ?
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There is no risk of hiv transmission for the incidents you describe.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
Im sorry if this question sounds rude. Are u a doctor or someone hiv expert. I saw many here copy this comment. My question is what makes anal cut wont infected hiv by semen while rubbing/fingering compared to incident involving anal/vaginal intercourse without condom. I really hope u come with detail explaination. Thanks
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The virus becomes inactive when it exposes to the environment. As far as sexual practices are concerned, unprotected anal or vaginal penetration is the risk factor.
How long for virus to become inactive? Is it only takes one second? If it is, is there any scientific proving?
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Transmission requires penetration. No need to worry.
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