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If you get pricked by some needle can you feel the pain or you just didn't notice it. I was at the hospital and a guy was carrying a rubber pipe which is used for transfusion I think it was new cause it was  very clean. I just want to know if you are pricked by some needle can you feel pain everytime. I checked everywhere in my finger for blood but didn't find any. So, is my fear irrational.
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This forum is for assessing HIV risks, not for trying to determine if you did or did not feel a needle prick.  If you think you were exposed, test.  No one here can help you determine what you would or would not feel.

However, it is highly irrational to believe that people are going around pricking you with needles for no reason.
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I'm really sorry for that. I just want to know that if blood doesn't comes out after you are pricked. You cannot get hiv from it. Again I'm sorry
It has nothing to do with blood.  You can't get HIV from a needle prick.  Someone would have to have a blood-filled syringe attached to the needle, and then deliberately inject you and push down the plunger.  That never happened.
I didn't feel any pain or anything pricked me but the guy who walk through my side with that rubber tube made me feel that if I accidentally pricked myself from it. Actually I'm very anxious of getting hiv and always think of getting hiv from here and there.
I'm not assessing my risk. But doctor Bob frascino got hiv from needle prick.
I've already advised you that you can't get HIV from a simple prick.  Dr. Bob did NOT get HIV from a simple needle prick.

This is not an anxiety support service.  You can either believe the accurate advice given here, or not.  That is your choice.  But we aren't here to argue basic science with you.   Have a good day.
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