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Conjunctivits and ARS - Lizzie, Teak, Vance

Hi Everyone.
I had an exposure 3 weeks ago. In the last couple of days now I've had a steady headache and today been diagnosed by a doctor as having Conjunctivits (pink eye). Are these symptoms associated with ARS?? I need some help. I am so so stressed out. I've never had pink eye in my life and now 3 weeks post exposure I have it accompanied by this headache as well. Help, help, help!!
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Everyone gets pink eye at least once in their life. Pinkeye is most commonly caused by allergies and cold viruses. Headaches can be a symptom of either one as well. This is pretty normal for any human being, and I wouldn't consider this to be HIV at all.

If it's any help, I personally get pinkeye and headaches a lot, and I am HIV negative.
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Thanks for your comments Flow!!
I''ve just never in my life had pink-eye and I was wondering if its associated with ARS??  Do you know if it is??
I'm a little panicked, but feel better after reading your post.
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NO it is not related
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Asked the question myself, dr hook and Garcia Gonzalez will tell you that pink eye is inconsistent
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Pink eye is just that: pink eye. Our conjunctiva can get inflamed so easily from a variety of things. The seasons are also changing again, and it's that time of year where allergies and other things in your body will flare up. It's normal, and it's not HIV.
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