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Constant Anxiety

ok ive had numerous testing and me (as well as all of my partners) were found to be HIV negative. But i find that when i get the depressed at the thought of it my stomach aches and my bowel. But the only person i have ha dunprotected sex with just tested hiv negative and the last time slept with them was  over three months ago. ever since i was 12 i would get very nervous and fearful about the hiv/aids virus but now i dont know if  something is wrong with me or if its just my mind , some of the symptoms  im referring too are

my stomcah acting up wverytime i have spicy, or lacctose foods (milk, hot wings etc.)
- this si somthing that affects my whole family so its not just me

a small rash like thing atop of my knucle, that comes and goes, i first got it in 2007 after moving into a dorm where a roomate of mines had a similar yet larger rash on his leg

reccently i developed somehwat of a cough accompanied by mucus in my throat it came in with my allergies which developed shortley after i stopped riding a bus where the bus driver smoked everyday on the ride to and from school
- i am unaware if its the second han smoke that is responsible for this or not (i have been around that second had smoke for close to 8 months before i stopped riding the bus. but i mentioned it because my moms a nurse and she told me it was due to teh fact that the pollon in the south in stronger and is the cause of my cough

i honestly dont know whats wrong with me, my doctor says i have nothing serious to worry about but anxiety and depression is constanly eating away at me. are these sytoms just the every day things a college student goes through or is it deeper than that. I need so answers so can someone please help me?
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This is an HIV forum not an anxiety forum or a support group.

"If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you."
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Then seek professional mental help. We can't help you with your anxieties.
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