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Constant cold / flu are HIV-AIDS symptoms?

Since october-2008 until now (june-30) My wife got 4 cold/flu, no other symptoms. She and I were Influnza vaccined last October. I did not get any cold/flu over the last 2 years.

Constant cold/flu are related to AIDS / VIH?

Thanks in advance.
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ARS only lasts a matter of weeks; so what she is experiencing is not the "booty flu" that people get 2-4 weeks after initial HIV infection.  It is possible, however, that she has had HIV for years and now her T-cells are getting low and it is finally taking a toll on her health.  Most likely though, she is just not taking care of her self or is in a situation where she is exposing herself to a lot of viruses and bacteria.  As it seems, there is no real reason for you to expect that she has HIV.  
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Colds and flus have NOTHING to do with HIV
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Please don't make comments on whether you think someone has or has not been infected with HIV, when it's plainly obvious you have no understanding of the subject.

Roberto; We can't advise you as your question is very generalised and could be caused, simply by the flu. There is a lot of it around at the moment.

However, from what you describe it sounds just that; the flu, which Joggen has stated ISN'T suggestive of ARS, or a late stage OI.

If you and your wife are in a mutually exclusive relationship then HIV isn't really an issue here.
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I think I am perfectly able to answer this question and did a fine job doing so.
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