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Cough and HIV

I had a incident of exposure to hiv year and a half back...was wondering if HIV could cause persistent cough with phlegm...my wife has been coughing away for over 2 weeks and I am very worried.

And how realistic is the 1 in a 1000 chance number?

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It's simple, if you had a risk, you test.  If you had unprotected vaginal or anal sex, or shared IV drugs, you need to be tested...not wait a year and a half, and then worry because your wife is coughing.

If you already had a test...and it was at 3 months or more after your exposure, then the result was conclusive and HIV is not a concern (unless you had another risk after testing).
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Actually had a condom slip and teak told me no need to test...and to be honest I was bloody scared to test (just in case).  The doubts still linger and linger on.

One of these days I will test....the anxiety is a killer...has blocked my ears permanently (for the last one year) and not made me a happy camper to say the least.

Thanks to mehelp I feel a tad better but the lingering anxiety continues...

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If Teak advised you not to test then you never had a risk in the first place.
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Teak would not steer you wrong...no risk in no risk.  

Whatever is causing your or your wife's symptoms, it isn't HIV.  If you're STILL anxious after all this time, you need to get some professional help.
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My wife's been telling me that for a while now :)

But on a more serious note, yup i need to test and then move on.

Thanks again.
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Was still wondering on the 1 in a 1000 chance figure....how legitimate is it and does circumcision make a difference.

Trying to move on...garnering some info if you may.

Have to die a 1000 deaths for my indiscretions.  Hope am not being to melodramatic.

Thanks all.
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Melodramatic is an understatement.
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My lord....whose wisdom and words I have come to appreciate and enjoy....

Sir, trying to move on but failing....
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Then seek a therapist.
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How are you?

Some advice and guidance from someone I have come to respect and trust...I go to Thailand for a holiday...plan to spend some time with the girls there...don't want ANY Stds, dos and donts to avoid them?

Eternally grateful...I am sir


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Personally, it would probably be best to avoid extramarital encounters, due to the anxiety you suffer afterwards.  

If you do decide to have sexual relations with someone other than your wife, use a condom and you'll have nothing to worry about.
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Thanks for taking the time reply...yeah don't want to deal with the anxiety bit again...

Is it okay if I just stick to Oral...WITHOUT a condom and body massages?

Thinking of staying of the actual deed...don't think will be able to deal with another condom break or slip.  Btw how often does a condom break ? And is it because of faulty material or if I would put it on incorrectly.

Once again

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Goodbye Sire...logging out
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