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I had an Exposure around 3.2 weeks ago.I asked some doctors and some say that i have a very low risk and some say i don't have a risk.Still,i am worried and now i have developed a cough,its like when i cough i can feel my chest congested.is this a symptom of hiv?a few days before i used to feel Nausea when i swallowed my own spit.That was there for like 5 days.its almost gone now.Now i have this cough with congestion.could this be symptom of hiv?i read a post from dr.hhh where he says that cough in general is not a ARS symptom.what do i beleive?
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What was your possible exposure?
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hi teak
i had gone with my brother to a hospital for his liver test.i was waiting outside the doctors chamber and suddenly i remembered something and immediately turned back and BANG! i bumped into the sweeper who was carrying medical waste,needle and syringes.i felt a immediate poke on my palm and when i checked for it there was a little drop of blood too.
this is my exposure.what do you think about my risk?is cough a symptom of hiv at around 3.2 weeks?i also had this vomitting feeling a few days ago which comes and goes sometimes.
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in some posts of yours i have read you stating that cough is not a symptom of hiv.Do u judge the symptom according to the exposure? in general is cough a symptom of hiv at all?what about nausae?
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hey i was going through the doctors forum and i was shocked when he said a guy is at risk from a needle stick.

please check it out.
my risk is even more as its in a health care setting right?

please read the docs response to one of the posters.
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If the needles were in a sharpes container there is no possible way that you got stuck.
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no teak
he was carrying a bunch in his hand and he was in kind of a hurry.
he was on his way to the waste bin i guess.
i am sure he had 3-4 syringes and only 1 was capped for sure.
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Did you see and feel a stick and was there blood on you coming from the stick?
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there was blood coming out of the area.but i was wearing a full sleeves shirt.so it had to get through my sleeves and poke.
so in this case what do u think?
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NO RISK. You have to be injected into a vein.
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u mean poking is not a risk?why teak?
i thought people got infected through pokes in healthcare setting.thats what i read on sites like hiveinsite and others.
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u didnt answer my question about symptoms.
is cough a symptom of hiv at around 3.2 weeks now?
i felt vomitty also around 6 days back for like 3 days.its mainly in the mornings.
i am scared of this cough now which i have.
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You have to inject blood into your vein. Just getting scratched or poked is not a risk of contracting HIV.
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