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Could I get HIV or any desiases in my case?

I'm in Mexico on my vacation, and today walking around the city I saw a massage place so I walked in and got a massage. During massage girl offered me a sex and I agreed. She pulled out a condom gave me and I put it on, then she put some kind of cream on my penis and sat on me, less than a minute everything was done. I pulled a condom out, looks like condom was ok. Without wiping I got dressed and I left. On the way to my hotel I was thinking, because I didn't clean my self right there and my penis and around was all over with some kind of cream and her vagina stuff, then there maybe a chance that all that stuff could get inside my penis and I could get HIV or some kind of desiases. On my way I made a stop at the pharmacy and I bought some kind of anticeptic. 30 minutes later I took a shower. After that I searched similar situation on website forums. I have read that is necessary to squeeze anticeptic inside a penis and need to wait like 2 hours before a pee to avoid diseases. So I took a shower again and for 20 minutes I tried to squeeze some how anticeptic inside my penis, I don't know how much I did, but I stopped because the hole began to turn red and inside start itching. After that I went back to the Internet and started search again. How I was surprised when I found out that I shouldn't done that because that way I increased a chance to get infection inside. So I pee, maybe 40 minutes after. And now every time I go pee I feel pain inside penis where is a head. On top on that I'm thinking that ether way I could got a HIV. And right now I don't know what to do. Yet I'm already on the treatment on hepatitis C, I'm taking Harvoni for a couple months already. Now should I go to emergency tomorrow morning? Or I'm paranooing to much? I know I have 72 hours to take something to avoid HIV. Pease advice me before its to late. I'm apologize for my language and grammatical mistakes.
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You had protected sex and your protection did not fail during sex, therefore you are safe, and have no reason to worry about. Next time avoid using any cream/lubrication on your condom, unless it is compatible with the latex, because most of such creams are based on organic substances. Only specified water based lubes are good for using with protection
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