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Could I have Hiv?(HELP!)

I had unprotected sex April 4, 2014. The following week I tested for gonnorhea. The week afterwards I got results back.(3weeks) I noticed my Doctor started asking me questions about was I feeling ill & all the hiv related questions(she had tested but I was hiv-). So all of April & May everything was good. 2nd weekend of June on Saturday I felt ill. I was thinking Im finally showing hiv symptoms. But the "flu like" feeling went away same day after I took theraflu.(I do have horrible allergies but I usually get ill around April or May) & this turned into regular cold.

So last week my heart was pounding fast even while sitting. I can move, walk, run but my heartbeat was extremely fast. Idk if its anxiety attacks from thinking I may have hiv. So last week, I looked in my mouth for white spots. My whole back of mouth was red, looked bad. It looked like when I put my camera flash back there that it may have been white bumps near each other but they don't hurt just slightly uncomfortable.
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But I don't know if bumps in throat are from mucus. I have been purposely spitting it out & my throat does feel better.

Just today I noticed I have a rash on my neck but I don't know if its from my hair on neck growing back finally(Haircut 2 weeks ago) or if its from hiv. I noticed I haven't had diarhea, night sweats, pain in hands or feet, nor fatigue. I also don't have those huge white bumps I see in pictures. Im really scared. Im 17 & had sex with another male.. I was the "top" but we both did do oral.
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Hi, testing at 3 month would be conclusive.
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Your thread has been hijacked by a spammer, ignore his posts and they will be deleted, the one without the pictured nick.
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so you mean less than 3 months test not conclusive? 6weeks test.
is it sex with condom = safe and without condom = not safe?
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Don't be hijacking other people's threads.
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not hijacking teak,
i just read this post and have some questions.
so the rule is you cant ask the question on other people post, even if its maybe helping for other people?

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Move on, you don't have an HIV concern.
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So like does it sound like its hiv?? Or am I overeacting???
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As you were already advised,  your 3 month post exposure test will be conclusive.
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