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Could I have had a possible HIV exposure?

On Nov.12th I performed fellatio on someone who's HIV status I am not 100% sure is negative. He did not ejaculate in my mouth and no anal penetration occurred.

Two days later I woke up with a sore throat and bright green mucus going down the back of my throat. The next day I went to the University health center where I tested negative for the rapid strep test. I went ahead and got the GC done as well just to be safe. The strep culture ended up coming back positive with strep group G and negative in the GC. I asked about my tonsils (which didnt seem to concern the doctor) had miniscule white streaks which I was told was just mucus caught in them.

I we prescribed penicillin, which I took 3 times a day for 10 days and my sore throat did not get any better. I was still experiencing drainage and an off/on slight headache in the back of my head. So I went back and given augmentin which seemed to help my throat for a little while but was still sore.

The third time I went in, which was about 2 weeks or later, the doctor said once again I should not be concerned with my tonsils and that my neck lymph nodes were slight swollen but it was uncommon for people to hang on to them.

Now its Dec 21st and I started taking mucinex, and gargling salt water which seemed to help my throat some but it is still slight sore. Now I'm concerned I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck (only they dont hurt and dont feel tender when I feel around them). I havent noticed any type of unusual rash since this all began, and also the only time I have recorded a fever (99.2 degrees) was the first day I noticed my throat was sore.

(my inner thighs have been slightly itchy in the past few days and the lymph nodes in my neck, dont feel swollen evenly on both sides.)

I have not had any diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or a runny nose.
I have woken up a few times at night slightly sweaty but not drenched so I do not believe it was night sweats.

My question is:

1.What was the likelihood of contracting HIV from the experience described above? (This is going to sound insane but if I brushed my teeth and noticed some blood in the sink and the performed oral 20 min later would it increase the chance of getting HIV?)

2.If these aren't ARS symptoms what could they be?

3.Do swollen groin lymph nodes cause an itch on your inner thigh without presenting a rash?

4.Should swollen neck lymph nodes be even, or painful, how can you tell if they are swollen?

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What you're describing is not Hiv , it's simply not a risk with oral sex. Sounds live a viral infection similar to bacterial sinusitis ( I have seen these take 3 weeks to clear) .. just some advice.. It's probably time for another opinion on your symptoms.

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