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Could i be hiv positive

Im an 18 year old gay male, who just over two weeks ago had unprotected intimate contact. I was with my boyfriend, and we were both drunk, but i remember everything very accurately. He didnt want to use protection, and claimed to have had tests done, but i know he has a history of having many sexual partners despite being only my age. We have recently split up and im not sure that i trust him AT ALL. I had unprotected oral sex with him, but he did not ejaculate into my mouth, but ive heard pre-*** can transmit hiv. Also he started to try and have anal sex with me, but i stopped him, as i didnt want to be penetrated without protection. However his penis enetered my anus, and his pre-*** probably entered my anus as well. I didnt worry about aids for the two weeks afterwards, thinking as he didnt ejaculate into my mouth or anus, I had nothing to worry about. However, i discovered on the web that pre-*** could transmit hiv and i started to worry myself crazy. It has been 16 days after the sexual contact and i have just developed a bad fever, very sore throat and a headache, which ive heard are all symptoms of acute hiv. Please, what should i do, what are the risks of hiv infection, and is there any point in being tested, would anything show up!!! Any help would be much appreciated thank you.
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no risk for unprotected oral sex. your Boy friend decided to enter the point of no return being commander rambo with out protection. your Firewall was so strong that you did not allow him. but eventually your firewall failed and he entered your tunnel . you are worried the precum might carry hiv. assessing your risk i suggest you take a test on the 6th week markand conclude iton the 12/13 week mark just for peace of mind. dont worry you'll be fine. hands of the margaritas next time if you decide to have sex. good luck and be well

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