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Could l be HIV positive?

Its been exactly 12days since l had sex with a prostitute and the condom broke.l had some slight pain in my urethra  but l just brushed it away because l did not have any pain urinating and even up to today it is still like that.Up until 2 days back l have been feeling ok but when l went through the symptoms of HIV l started noticing that l had the same symptoms like fatigue,muscle pain,slight headaches,sweating,loss of apetite and mild diarrhea.What hurts me the most is l recently saw the prostitute and she does not seem to be worried,l even asked my friends what they thought about the girl but nobody seems to take me serious because they do not know exactly what l am feeling inside.So my question is are there any other diseases which have the same symptoms as this because l have tried checking other diseases but nothing seems to be matching with these symptoms but HIV alone. Could l be HIV positive? l am studying in a foreign country and chances are if l get tested positive l will be deported,what should l do l am really going crazy l cannot even concentrate in class.
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Symptoms or lack of can never tell you your status. When it is said that symptoms if one gets them comes on all at once that means they happen all at the same time not days or weeks apart.
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Your test 3 months post exposure will be conclusive.
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My friend and I had ALL THE SYMPTOMS of HIV , and we tested negative after 3 months.



RULE 2 -> your prostitute may not even have hiv

RULE 3 -> EVEN if she had HIV, you used a condom, you lessened your chances of transmission

CONCLUSION -> RELAX and test after 3 months.
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Thanks alot guys l guess l will have to wait till 3 months, the other thing is l am circumcised how low will that reduce the chances. l once had a friend who was circumsized before but still contracted an STD is it because the varginal fluids entered through his urethra or what?

@rnegoro how do l ignore the symptoms l am trying but l am failing any tips on how to? l have been checking my body  just now l do not have any rash yet  nor swollen glands but l just have this feeling that l am sick,muscle pain and fever is this being paranoid??
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Hi guys jus wasnted to update you on how l have been feeling since l last posted my comment. l have been reading other people's threads and they seem to be getting alot of feedback so l was wondering if there could be something l did wrong that made my thread not to be seen.

Nway about 2 days after l posted l had a vibrating/shivering sensation beneath my scrotum and mild pain in the testicles but it went away after 2 days also could this also be a symptom of Acute Hiv Symptoms? After that l seemed to have managed to controlled myself l had some friends come over for the weekend and everything seemed normal except that l was having some headaches which came and went. l have been a person who is affected by Air Conditioners and Fans so last week l went to school and the AC was very low immediately l started sneezing and that was 5 days ago up until today l have been having stuffy nose not as runny as the 1st day but it seems not to go away and the testicular pain seems to come and go again my tongue seems to be whiter than usuall especially at the back part,l am really confused and really scared to dissapoint all the people that are looking up to me. l have stopped attending classes as l can nolonger concentrate even a bit,guys l need your support could this be the end of me are all these the symptoms of HIV??
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The more you stress yourself about HIV, more symptoms gonna hunt you down and trust me they won't have anything to do with HIV.
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Symptoms don't mean Jack,It's the test that counts.Ok,perfect test plan for you,take a DUO at 4 weeks and then an antibody test at 12 weeks.All the best.
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165 dollars for a DUO test and an antibody test is less than 50 dollars.
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l will definately do that but does anybody have answers to the above asked questions l need to know my fate so that l can be able to prepare myself to face my fear,especially the part about pain in the testicles.
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HIV has no specific symptoms and to say you have went through them is untrue. Symptoms or lack of no indication of you status. The only way to know your status is by testing.
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Follow the advice you've already been given and test at 3 months post exposure, that will give you a conclusive result.  Your overall risk was not that significant for two reasons...ONE, most people, including CSW's do NOT have HIV, and your intercourse WAS protected most of the time, until the condom failed.

Get your test when its time and quit ruminating about "symptoms", they mean nothing, plus what you've described are noy typical ARS symptoms anyway.
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Guys now l just got even more freaked out.l have been having that cold which does not seem to want to go away so as l was feeling my lymph nodes l noticed a small bump behind my left ear and it does not seem to be getting any bigger for the past 2 days,its not painful its is jus hard and it as if the whole side of my face is being pulled,what could this be,swollen lymph node????
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