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Could this be Karposi Sarcoma?

Am so freaked out. Yesterday i noticed a dark spot on my arm, under the skin but flat and today another one bigger than the first one has appeared.  I have also noticed one more lession on my breast.Could it be Karposi Sarcoma. The last time i tested for HIV was December 1 and the result was negative. I then had unprotected sex on the 22nd of January.

Could i be developing the early signs of HIV? I am so scared. Could it be Karposi sarcoma?
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I can't really say you really need to see a doctor to determine that, as for HIV, yes unprotected sex is a risk a test at 12 weeks post exposure will rule in out of the equation.
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KS develops in people who have had HIV for years and have progressed to AIDS. Further, it is a very rare condition in women with HIV.

See a dermatologist if you are concerned but forget about KS.
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Agreed with Mitch..
U need to get tested after your last unprotected exposure last January...
Test now for your conclusive result...
then move on....
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You need to test again because of having unprotected vaginal sex and No it is not KS.
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kaposi sarcoma.. occurs when your immune system fails down.. umm..just say when your CD4 cell count is less than 200..or something like that.. but nowdays its not so much common bcoz of drugs.. if u had unprotected sex then better get tested...
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I appreciate your expertly advice greatly. Thank you very much.I have an appointment with my doctor today for testing so wish me luck guys.

Am praying and hopin for the best
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