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Covid Vaccination With 4th Gen Duo test HIV

Hi, Covid vaccinations, whether receiving it recently or not. Will it affect a 4th generation negative hiv test? As in delaying the window period etc. I’d like to know to get a peace of mind that my 44 day 4th gen duo test is conclusive, that’s all. The reality is, I’m not trying to waste anyones time in asking this question. Just want to know so that I can move on with my life and stop going on medhelp religiously. Thank you
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Nothing we can say can stop you from coming to MedHelp religiously.  You didn't accept the answer that you had no risk, and now you're looking for reasons why your test isn't accurate.  It will NEVER stop until you decide to stop.

To borrow advice often given by AnxiousNoMore:  The first step to peace is to stop Googling (and visiting MedHelp) cold turkey.  
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Nothing can affect your placebo test result.
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You should call the test manufacturer with any testing questions. You haven't accepted any of the advice here before, so I'm not sure why you are asking more questions.

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