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Curious about HIV... Help!

Anybudy can get HIV from a used syringe in a clinic?
if a person is not a IV drug abuser.  
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Yes, if you share drugs with other IV drug users using the same works then that would be an exposure.
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Yes he can,,, because after the laboratory conditions, syringe is the only place where HIV can survive outside its host. If you are living in any developing country, always insist to show the syringe in packing and get it unpacked in front of you.

Illegal recycling of the disposable syringes is common in many parts of that world due to inadequate arrangements of needle breaking after use. In my country, used medical equipment contributes significantly in spreading hepatitis B and C plus a small percentage of HIV
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i think when injecting a chemical (except IV drug abuser) into body blood cant come upside(in needle) and on the surface of needle hiv cant survive.  So i doubtful that Hiv cant transmit in this way.
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coz while injecting the chemical(except IV drug abuser)  preasure stay outside the syringe and coZ of  outside pressure blood didnt come inside the needle.  
Ru agree with me?  
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At not time did you have an exposure from getting an injection.
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teak i dint get u?  what u r saying? im saying rite?
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i checked ur profile and shocked to see that u r +ve..  :-(   may god cure u completely.
U seems intelligent...
Will u pls explain wat u said?  i dint get it..
Ru agree wat i said?
pls guide..  thank u..
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I'm saying they don't reuse needles and syringes.
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here in india there are some doctors who dont have degrees but practices illegally.

Is a re used syringe in clinic may transmit hiv while injecting in body?
or,  only IV drug abuser get hiv?
pls be specific..
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Did your doctor injected blood into your vein?
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no..  he did it on muscle.  Is this an exposure?
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