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Curious about a rash

Hello doctor.

I am 25. After one or two weeks of a possible exposure, I developed a rash in my penis, I went to the doctor and they did a urine test and a swab test, they didn't find any STD however I was not tested for HIV. That was in December, the doctor gave me a cream and the rash reduced. Now a week ago in February the rash still there it didn't disappear plus now there is a little rash around my anus I went to the doctor again and he gave me another anti fungal cream it doesn't seem to be working on me it has been 4 days since I been applying the cream.
I don't have fever but I have a little bit of a soar throat and have been feeling very tired but cannot sleep, also I have lost my appetite.
Is it possible for an HIV related rash last for 3 months?
Could these symptoms be related?
I must mention doctor I am very scared and nervous
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and your exposure was ? ? ?
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The first one was with a girl from the uk in hong kong we used condom however we performed unprotected oral sex, both of us, like a week or two after that a Japanese sex worker performed unprotected oral sex two times and ejaculated in her mouth there was intercourse with condom but very brief. That also happened in hong kong
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You never had an exposure to HIV from oral sex.
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