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On 24/3/21 I was having a bad day at work so decided to go out for so I got myself in more trouble , I visited a bar which had csw I had no vaginal or anal intercourse. I got little physical with three ladies one female gave me oral for a brief period say 2 mintues where she was sucking my penis.while I sucked the breast of all three ladies I do not know if these women were lactating or not , at the same time I had mouth ulcers inside my lower lip and had dental work done during the day time. My concern is what if any of these women were lactating and there breast milk would have come in contact with my mouth ulcer will that transfer the hiv virus and there any risk from oral sex. Kindly please do reply back at the earliest as I am having sleep less nights and very worried about the whole episode
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

Nothing else you can think of would put you at risk for HIV.  Breast milk is only a risk for newborn infants who do not have a fully-developed immune system.
There is no "what if" that you could add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.
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Thank you for your quick reply Curfew X.

But I just spoke with someone on HIV helpline and they said there is a possibility if you have open wounds / sores / ulcers and bleeding gums in mouth and if comes in direct contact with infected blood or breast milk hiv can transfer. I also had exposure to oral sex is that a risk as well. Kindly do not get me wrong as you have been extremely helpful on the forum please do revert. So can I go ahead with hiv test with out nothing to worry . Waiting for a final reply .

Thank you
Curfew X
Well, the person you spoke to is incorrect.  Adults don't get HIV from breast milk, and no one has ever contracted HIV from receiving oral sex.  

However, the choice of whether to test or not is yours alone.  Any test you take will be negative, and conclusive, at any time.  I have nothing further to say about your no-risk events.  Good luck to you.
Appreciated thank you.
Hi Curfew X

Just for closure I got my hiv test reports which came in Negative , feeling relaxed husssha. Thank you once again for your cooperation.keep the good work going.
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What if the women were hiv positive and my mouth ulcers came directly in contact with breast milk .... please share your thoughts asap
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