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Dangerous HIV :(

Hello. 77 days ago I was with prostitutes (vaginal sex with protection and oral sex without a condom). Also he took Viagra. 1 Week 2 Week no symptoms of night sweats three weeks sore throat, two days gingivitis, white tongue on the back and a little rash. (Then I started to look at what might be on the network) lasted 30 days testing the fourth generation (HIV-1 / HIV-2 P24 0 00 0.25 negative) five weeks bulge on the palate 6 week swollen glands in the neck on the left and the jaw and ear pain when moving his head. Also, rhinitis and rhinitis. The morphology showed a decrease lymphocyte and platelet count below normal. Currently I have afte on the palate, swollen on one side of the neck (pain), rash on the back and white tongue. Sometimes bright stools and diarrhea. Throughout the period the temperature of the standard (96.08-97.70 ° F) Is is HIV? Is the fourth generation of a negative test after 30 days from the risk of changes after 3 months? I enclose a picture of the test.
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Hey.. I'm no expert but I have done some poking around on the internet. According to what the CDC and John Hopkins sources say, the p24 fourth generation test can detect HIV as early as 14-15 days. Generally, after 4 weeks, test is seen as 95% accurate. I think you can assume that you should not have HIV, especially considering that you used protection. However, to be sure, additional testing is always good...
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But the symptoms of HIV Publications which I do not know why this is happening. For this decrease in lymphocytes and platelets.
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