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Dear Teak, HHH .... :)

My name is Lucija, I'm coming from Croatia,  a small country in Europe. I spent some time reading this forum what is main reason of this post.
In my country there's small number of people infected with HIV (about 900). In my town, Split, there's 180 000 people, and 78 infected with HIV and in this cases it is mostly imported from other countries through sexual activity and taking drugs. Generally, young people don't talk or think about HIV&AIDS even though we are expoused to this, less than in other countries, but we are somehow. Our medical system is doing a great job to educate us and to prevent HIV through several projects, free testing and free counseling. Although,  I still think that people employed in centers for prevention of hiv and other sexual transmitted diseases spread a lot of myths and incorrect information which cause fear and anxiety, like in my case. Even I'm not expoused to high risk situations, after reading articles and publications from my country I was terrifed and beacuse of my own fears and anxiety I had to get tested.
I spent an hours on this forum, and have to say that I really admire to people who answer million of questions here. i really love the job you do  here and appreciate it a lot.. Among all of great people, doctors and experts special thanks and regards to Teak :-) I'm impressed with your story and job you do here.  I think that you should come to Croatia to our universities to spread words of wisdom....(it's a beautiful country) Your posts made me peaceful more than negative test....Also I'm grateful for posts and answers of dr. HHH and all other great people that help here.  Keep doing great job.
God bless you!

Many regards from sunny Croatia. ;)))

p.s. Sorry about my English  :'(
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I agree with everything you have said.What I would add on top of education is prevention.At the moment prevention is the only cure.It's sad about these children not being accepted into the school system but this is just ignorance on their part.It happens all around the world.It's very sad actually.
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Thank you ;) I'm sorry that I didn't mention you in my post....Your profile pictures tell me that we have something in common.... Anyway it's great to hear about low rates of HIV in our countries. I know that Australia is developed country, but Croatia is developing country in transition and like all other countries in the world we have serious financial problems....Although, our medical system provided free testing&counseling and education in order to prevent HIV. I still think that there is a lot to be done. Obvious problem in education program is that people who do this usually spread wrong information and myths that cause unnecessarily anxiety and fear (talking from my own experience).  I think our society is still a bit conservative even we behave like other young people around a world we are still not so liberal for different sexual experiments, and this is why HIV transmitted through homosexual contact is pretty shocking for most of us. On the other hand, being conservative means to be primitive, or at least not enough educated. In our media we had a case of two little girls infected with HIV. Other children parents didn't want to accept them in public schools with their children. I understand concerned parents taking care of their own children but they obviously don't know basic things like how is HIV transmitted.  According to that there is still a lot to be done to rise awarness and knowledge....As you mentioned Africa, the main problem there is poverty and lack of investments in education to prevent HIV and other disease...Regards, L
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Your english is perfect and yes it is true that Croatia has a very low rate of HIV infection.The message is getting through loud and clear in your country.Here in canberra where I live there is only 300 people who are HIV+ from a population of close to 600,000.We are done an excellent job in prevention.More needs to be done in countries like South Africa where the rates of HIV infection are in the million,it's a shocking mess and the government is to blame.Education is the key for HIV prevention.All the best.
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