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Dear doctor ,i need your precious advice about HIV!

dear doctor,10 days ago ,i had sex with a csw and here are the details: fingering ,unprotected oral sex ,protected sex. Unfortunately , after sex , i found a little wound on my finger which had been put into vagina, it looks fresh,and pained, not bleeding ,but a bit of blood flew out when i pushed the wound

2 days after sex ,some symptoms happened to me which were similar with ars like: little fever , sore throat, and even some rash grew on my arms. it lasted for about 5 days . yesterday i had diarrhea once.

Today i took the CSW to hospital for HIV test,  the result  was negative, suppose the woman was infected with HIV just one day before i met her , could she transmit HIV to me and  be tested for positive result today ?

do i need to get a HIV test 6 weeks later?

thanks a lot!
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You never had an exposure and don't need testing.
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thanks , your answer really relief me!
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