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I am a complete idiot, putting it mildly, I had protected sex with a working girl in Europe, although she was of African decent. I was drunk, but remember her putting a condom on me. However, since returning, 3 days after potential exposure I experienced a sore throat, slight temperature, cough, headaches, at 10 days I started suffering pins and needles in my hands, started in one finger, then one hand and then the other, I can also feel a slight tingling in my calf. I haven't been tested yet as it's too early, although I am going tomorrow, which would be 11 days fare potential exposure, as I know that the test is the only way of finding out if I have HIV. Most of the information on the internet, not wise I know to go looking, has indicated that ARS symptoms don't show after 3 days, although some articles say that it can, also the information states that 10 days would be too soon for tingling and pins and needles in hand and legs. I am convinced its HiV as I have no other reason to be suffering these symptoms. Has anyone heard of these type of symptoms showing so early as part of ARS?
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Protected sex is not a risk for infection. Whatever is wrong with you isn't HIV.
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