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Diarrhea, fever,itchiness and dry cough

Hi Doc,

I visited massage parlours for more than half a year now,
I never received viganal or anal sex but always a hand job with massage oil, no condom used when receiving handjob,
some of the massage ladies did licks my balls and nipple and i did touch and insert finger into vagina, I received a blow job with condom lately.


I just recovered from diarrhea one week ago, the diarrhea lasted one week,
and now i am having fever and cold with dry cough and some itchiness across my body, the scratching cause the rashes but after few minutes it disappear, and then it comes back again at other part of the body.

so am I at risk of HIV infection?
or it's just some viral or recent H1N1 symptoms?

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you had no risk for HIV, see a Dr for your symproms
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"so am I at risk of HIV infection?"

None of the situations you described put you at risk for HIV. The only confirmed routes of HIV transmission are:
-Unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse (penetration is necessary)
-Sharing of needles for IV drug use
-Mother to child (during pregnancy, child birth, or breast feeding)

"or it's just some viral or recent H1N1 symptoms?"

This forum is specifically for questions about HIV. No one can diagnose H1N1 infections over the internet. You should see your doctor about the symptoms you've been having.
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Hello are you still here? I have similar problems. Recently I have come to a massage place for a handjob. Exactly after 5 weeks I experienced a worst diarrhea i have ever had which lasted for 1 week. I feel fatigue since then. Then a week after I have itchy rash, first appear on palms, then it disappear, then it reappear on my leg, then on my chest, back. I am very scared if i have contracted with hiv!!  
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You posted on a thread that is 3 years old! The OP is not here anymore.  You would be better off starting your own thread, although I will tell you now that masturbation (handjob) is NOT a risk for HIV.

Sexually, the ONLY risks are unprotected anal or vaginal sex.
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I think mental anxiety is the main cause of many HIV related symptoms.. Human mind is a very strange organ. It is always suspicious...Believe me I am suffering from mental anxiety. Trying to relieve from anxiety but in vain....
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