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Thank you for this incredible forum. There is no question a huge part of my coping mechanism is the support of this forum.

I have a question re: diarrhea as a symptom of HiV... My possible exposure was exactly eight weeks ago, and I have had a negative PCR DNA test (which I know is not considered a diagnosis tool) at 20 days post exposure. They also ran a traditional antibody test on that day as well- both of which were negative.

I had a six week rapid test as antibody test done at weeks and both of then were in fact negative as well.

Over the last eight weeks, I have had a small rash on my buttocks (2 weeks in that lasted 4 days), tightness in neck, and diarrhea off and on for the entire time. My fear is this persistent diarrhea and it being a symptom of ARS.

I have been given advice on this forum that unprotected oral sex (less than six seconds) is not a risk for HIV, but my concern is what if I am that 1-20,000 that dr h speaks of? Here are my questions:

How encouraging are my test results at this point?

How often does this persistent diarrhea point to HIV?

Does the diarrhea from HIV last for two months?

I absolutely want to move on, as I do trust the advice I have been given, but some of these symptoms have me feeling like I am that 1 in 20,000 statistic.
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You never had an exposure from oral sex.
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1.Yes that is encouraging at 8 weeks,however as you know its not conclusive until 3 months.                                                                                                                       2.Hiv is never diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.It varies,some people will experience diarrhea and some won,t.Its not hiv specific.                                                  3.In the later stage of hiv infection it can.                                                                        4.If you had unprotected oral sex then you never had a risk and all of the above is insignificant.
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Had you read the OP history your would have known.
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Thank you for weighing in, you are told this daily but the advice you give us and time you give us is a god sent.

I don't know that I understand what you mean in terms of "op" history? Also, are you saying that insertive oral sex (getting sucked) is zero risk? I have read the case studies you've shown us, but still feel like I could be that outlier...

I don't remember noticing any blood and do not think I had any cuts on my penis, but who knows, could have been a small aprasion or two.

Is this truly zero risk? If so, why are the stats still 1 in whatever vs zero?

Based on my follow up antibody test does my pcr hold any more weight in your opinion? The follow up test was a six week antibody test...
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if you have read the case studies teak has posted...then surely you have read these quotes also:

There is no debate (among experts) about the HIV risks associated with oral sex.  The risk is so low that almost nobody who cares for HIV infected patients has ever had a patient believed to have been infected that way.  Among experts, it's a semantic issue about using terms like "no risk" and "very low risk".  There is no difference between my or Dr. Hook's use of "low risk" and other experts' "no risk".

"And oral sex is basically safe sex -- completely safe with respect to HIV and although not zero risk for other STDs, the chance of infection is far lower than for unprotected vaginal or anal sex.  Please educate yourself about the real risks.  If you stick with oral sex and condom-protected vaginal or anal sex, you have no HIV worries and very little worry about other STDs. "   DR HANSFIELD

"I am sure you can find lots of people who belive that HIV is transmitted by oral sex, but you will not find scientific data to support this unrealistic concern..."   DR HOOK

"HIV is not spread by touching, masturbation, oral sex or condom protected sex."- DR. HOOK

in the public HIV Prevention forum of MedHelp, TEAK and the other moderators maintain that oral sex in all forms is a zero risk activity. Would you agree with this assessment?  

The observation on thousand and thousand of observations is that HIV is not spread by oral sex (of any sort).  DR. HOOK

"With regard to the question you ask, I will repeat, as I’ve said more times than I can think- there are NO credible cases in which persons have acquired HIV through performance of oral sex- none!!.  The chance that you will be the first is ridiculously low.  You are more likely to be hit by lightening while reading my reply to you. DR HOOK

"HIV is not spread by masturbation, through oral sex, through kissing or other casual contact." DR HOOK

"There is no credible evidence that HIV is spread through oral sex, with or without the presence of cuts or blood in the persons mouth."- DR HOOK

"Oral sex. there is no evidence that HIV is spread through giving or receiving oral sex"- DR HOOK

you DID NOT contract hiv from receiving oral sex...PERIOD !
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